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Proper Preparation for Surgery, and Me...

Well folks, I am perhaps a little over a day away from major surgery.  And I can't wait...


setup_1 setup_2

That's why...

With my wife's full blessings, I have, at the foot of my bed:

  • a 32" HDTV
  • PlayStation 3
      • Fresh, unopened copy of Fallout 3
      • Unfinished Dead Space
      • Unfinished GTA IV
      • Unfinished Bioshock
  • Dell Studio 1535 laptop
      • Myst I, II, and III (never played them)
  • 500 GB MyBook drive
      • all of the Jonny Quests
      • all of the Star Blazers
      • all of the Battle of the Planets
      • all of the Space Ghost Coast-to-Coasts
      • all of the Harvey Birdmans
      • all of the SeaLab 2021s
      • all of the Action Teen Hunger Forces

Additionally, my laptop already has VS 2005 and 2008 on it, as well as SQL 2005 and 2008 (this is noted primarily for my employers who sometimes peruse my blog to assure them of the volumes of work I will accomplish).

So now combine above setup with some oxycodone and/or vicodin and you have probably the most fantastic vacation lined up ever.

I have very, very flat feet, and have had to go through all the money-gobbling circles of orthotics and lousy podiatrists to get here, here being a "reconstruction of flat foot with double osteotomy calcaneus, gastrocnemius lengthening, and fusion of 1st tarsometatarsal joint" by an orthopedic surgeon.  Left foot Monday, right foot sometime maybe in November / December.

I hope to have some delicious pictures of my mangled left foot for everyone here in the near future, plus some x-ray images.  I'm scheduled to go in at 5:00am Monday morning.


ADDENDUM (Sunday, April 19 @ 4:02pm)

Ok, I'm 13 hours away from the chopping block.  I figure I would give the guest of honor his due.  Here's my feet right now, and in particular the left flipper:



Ugh.  It just...I'm glad I'm having this done.  Huge massive scars around it all will look better than this mutation.

Also, had to update my super-media-computing center.  Here's a hint if you want headphones for your PS3: make sure bluetooth or USB set works before purchasing.  I have a set of Motorola s805 DJ ones that are fantastic, but no workie.  So, I brought up the DENON receiver, hooked the optical audio up, and threw some old-school stereo headphones on.  Very, very sweet.  I put PS3 Mediaserver on my laptop and am streaming video to my PS3, as well.  Here ‘tis:


Gives me wood just looking at it...



Ok so I was getting some stuttering on the playback through the PS3 from ps3mediaserver, due to going over wifi.  I found a crossover cable and downloaded pfSense (m0n0wall with UPnP support).  Using Virtual PC, I created a router with my laptop's wifi and ethernet cards, making the wifi the WAN and ethernet the LAN.  No more stutter, and the PS3 has access to whatever it needs.