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Foot surgery redux, and Me...

It is 2:28am, Sunday, September 13.  The last 48+ hours have been a literal nightmare, if not simply the worst in my life.  Some explainin’:

I have had foot surgery again, this time, the right foot.  When I went in, the anesthesiologist was an arrogant TR Knight looking guy who moved me along a little quickly.  He kept bringing up having a nerve block done and asking if that’s what I had last time.  I had no idea, and kept trying to think it through until he said we kind of had to move along, so I just said hell with it let’s roll.

Also, the whole time I was trying to figure out what was going on with the anesthesiologist, a woman was blankly staring at me from across the room.  Her right arm was severed off at the shoulder.  I tried not not notice, and did the randomly-looking-around-the-room-while-whistling bit, but that didn’t work too well.  Very disturbing.

Anyway, when they turned me on my side, I knew I hadn’t done it last time.  I didn’t feel it or anything, and it was fantastic at blocking pain, but I had no idea what it was and when they asked about catheter to continue block at home, I got a little scared with that.  Hindsight 20/20, should have had catheter.

Anyway after surgery, I was put in room with some guy who’d shattered his ankle or something, also getting treated by my doctor.  This fucking guy NEVER turned the TV off the entire time I was in there.  I tried to sleep, but all for naught.  He mumbled to himself every now and then too.  The guy was probably in a lot of pain, but still a little STFU WOULD HAVE HELPED!!!!

I decide I can’t stand it there.  I get checked out.  We get to car.  We start driving home.  Nerve block starts wearing off.  There is absolutely NO pain blocker or anything this time.  I have felt the screw in my foot the whole time.  The pain is extraordinary.  I think I’ve passed out three times.  I have been itching all over because of the anesthesia I guess.  The has helped drive me more insane.

Maybe a few posts down the line I will try to find some advice or something out of all this.  All I can say right now is this blog entry is literally saving my sanity; giving enough time for vicodin to kick in (the oxycodone isn’t doing a damn thing this time).  I am hoping to sleep…