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My Left Foot, Extreme Pain, and Me...

So I believe in my last entry I said I couldn't wait for my surgery, cause I had such a bad ass media center setup and games and and and...


First of all, if they suggest you stay an extra night, stay the extra night.  Most likely it's because your anesthesia is about to wear off and they can help control the pain better.  This is my hunch, anyways.  It's a hunch based on being up all night moaning in retardedly bad pain.


The oxycodin wasn't doing shit.  I couldn't get comfortable to sleep (I decided to quit smoking too with all this).  They say to elevate your foot to lessen pain.  I am finding that every time I do that, I get a good massive 10+ minutes of ouch.  A nice hard steady surface seems to be what the doctor ordered.  I'll have my foot up on like 6 pillows, and it starts screaming at me as if I'm squeezing it or something.  Soon as I take it off and just lie it on the bed, everybody seems calm for awhile.


I've tried playing some games and other stuff today.  I think I'm so exhausted from the pain and oxycodin that I just can't keep it all in order.

Hey, a walker is a good thing to have.


PS:  I'm making no sense....we'll see about tomorrow...