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My Left Foot. Madness, and Me...Week 4


It is the end of week 4 of my surgery, folks.  Madness is creeping in…

I am tired, so tired, of lying on the bed or couch.  I am tired of sitting in my recliner.  I am tired of sitting around doing nothing but computing or PS3.  I cannot watch TV anymore.  I has been 4 weeks straight of very little I can do except what I’ve mentioned.  I…I’m beginning to go…MAD!

On the other hand, I’ve had my sutures out this week.  That feels real good.  The clump (see pervious entry on this) had scabbed over with some sutures kind of sticking out of the hard scab, making for constant rubbing against the cast.  Ergo, felt like small group of yellowjackets chewing and stinging the same spot.  But wait, pictures tell it so much better:


Oh yeah.  Here’s the inside scar with no sutures (not sure what that blue line is).  It felt soooo good to have those things come out.  It stung a bit, but worth it.


Ok, here’s the outside of the foot.  Note the “lips” by the heel look great, just like the above yum yum inside-of-foot one.  The “hole”, on the other hand.  Little red around there, and crusty.  You can barely see about two sutures left in there.  This was an extraordinarily painful moment, as the nurse left to get the doctor to take a look at it (not a good sign).  He came in a few moments later, and, using tweezers, pulled some of the scab off.  That did not feel good at all.  But what really didn’t feel good was when he got a scalpel and removed the rest of the scab.  No local given, nothing.  That really hurt bad.

this week's cast

I decided, since I’m using a walker, to get the most gay cast I could.  I asked for hot pink, and informed them of my plan to test the local meatheads, and see if I’d get any shit for my cast.  They one-upped me with this.  Interestingly, the more macho the douche bag who brings up my cast, the more it’s about how they think it’s cool and looks like Dr. Seuss.

So, I go back next week to have this cast removed and have that wonderful hole-wound looked at to see if it’s any better.  And maybe, maybe, in 2 weeks or so, I can have a boot.