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Physical Therapy, Time Wasting, Stupid People, and Me...


So, I have much to blog about.  For six weeks now I’ve been accruing many delicious topics a la .NET, Win32, etc.  But first thing’s first: a banal update on my foot and what has been going on for six weeks.

Last I saw my orthopedic surgeon, some four weeks ago, he gave the go ahead to start putting pressure on my foot.  Little did he know, I was kind of already doing this, but now it was official, and he added that it was time to start physical therapy.  I’ve just completed my third week of six.

PT doesn’t seem to be that painful or horrible, as some people were making it out to be – just some stretches using a towel, some range-of-motion (RoM) exercises, and the same RoM exercises using a big, thick rubber band for strengthening.  I just started walking in the pool there this week.  Really it’s boiling down to rebuilding muscle in my foot, ankle, and calf again (I really need it most in the calf to get my gait back to normal).  They do use this low voltage shocker thing on my ankle to get blood flowing or for something or other, as well as a larger machine to induce calf muscle contractions.  The latter does not feel that good, but after it’s all iced and I go to work, it’s fantastic.

So, should you find yourself in PT for any reason, a piece of advice: do the exercises at home as they tell you to.  I was slacking big time, and ended up with a very stiff ankle and sore foot every day.  I did the exercises and stretches and BOOM! feels gravy.  Icing is particularly important.

Here’s a comparison of my foot in April, just before the surgery, against today:


Um, HUUUUUUGE difference.  On the bottom, you can see the scar-area is still swollen, otherwise, looks like a foot!  Top picture looks like some flipper-hand-elbow-joint or something…

That and work have kept me busy and tired.  We have a product that many schools use, and we’ve received many “complaints” of IT-facism at those schools, in particular not allowing SSL traffic and really only guaranteeing HTTP.  My R&D department’s web guy and I put together a plan which seems to be working gravy.  On the Win32 (client application) side, I’m creating XML objects and encrypting them 3DES, then sending that as a binary stream to an ASP.NET web handler.  The handler gobbles the stream, decrypts, and uses a node in the XML to perform a particular action based on the rest of the data in the XML.  I’ll be doing a post on the encryption stuff in a future article.

This has been challenging and fun, but I emphasize the challenging part.  In C#, it was like four lines of code to encrypt / decrypt in 3DES.  In Win32 with the Crypt API, it’s just not that simple.  After several days of getting ASP.NET and Win32 Crypt API to play nice, and just plain the timelines I’ve been under lately, I’ve been fried.  So fried.  Not burned out, though; big difference.  Burned out is one big, disgusted lack of motivation or care.  Fried is exhaustion.  I’d turn on my laptop at home after work to check my Facebook and GMail, and literally have a wave of kaput come over me, to the point where I’d just say screw it, turn off the laptop, sit on my porch, and stare at my neighbor’s house.  Ergo “complexity” at work has kept personal productivity very low.  That and Elder Scrolls IV for my PS3.

After completing Fallout 3, I decided I wanted another RPG game to futz around with when I needed to.  Fallout 3 was perfect for this.  I’m not a huge gamer, and certainly don’t want to think too much playing a video game.  I’d maybe throw down a couple hours shooting Super Mutants or Raiders maybe twice during the workweek, then have a splurge 4 or 5 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.  Perfect decompression from the prior week of work, and far far more interesting than TV. It also didn’t seem to interfere too much with coding / blogging / etc.  I enjoyed Fallout so much, I just went with Bethesda’s earlier biggie, Elder Scrolls IV.  Seemed the logical choice to make.

I haven’t stopped playing this fucking game since.  And I mean like every damn day for a good 4+ hours.  I have a level 28 Argonian, and he’s bad ass.

Needless to say, I’ve had zero life.  Just come home from work, eat dinner with family, play with Liam a bit, put in a good two hours on Elder Scrolls IV, do maybe 2 to 3 hours of work for Work, then Elder Scrolls again until like 2 am.  I don’t even want to think how many hours have been vaporized on the weekends with this gigantic ball of crack.  I am finally to the point where I’ll play one set of about 3 hours and that’s it.  I don’t see it getting any “better” any time soon.  I am quite scared of Elder Scrolls V.

With zero life and lack of sleep, I’ve been getting grumpier.  My patience is growing thin for things like very stupid people.  The building I work in has a floor dedicated to some sort of rehab clinic or whatever, which in Pittsburgh means enormous meathead douche nozzles that literally make you wonder if Idiocracy needs to be taken seriously.  Just listening to them provides me a measure of relief when I’m feeling beaten by work and overwhelmed with our medical bills.  Today, though, was not a junkie-delight, but rather a tasty bitch that pulled up in her nice, clean yellow VW beetle.


What’s wrong with this picture?  Hint: she rolled those windows up after she parked the car and got her precious things together.  I wonder if she locked the doors?